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iOS 7 is Wonderful in Terms of its Features Built-in

how to restore iPod after iOS 7 update

iOS 7

As we know, iOS is a great Operating System provided by Apple for iPhone, iPad, iPod users, which keeps Apple device years ahead. The all-new iOS 7 is elegant with many wonderful features. It is said to be the most advanced mobile operating system. So as iOS 7 was released, many iPhone users are urgent to upgrade iPhone to iOS 7.

Generally, iOS 7 supports iPhone 5S/5/4S/4, iPod Touch 5, iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4), and iPad Mini, the new iPad, iPad 2. Then iPod Touch 5 users will not be willing to give up the chance to update their iPod touch 5 to iOS 7. However, any iOS update is an adventurous operation. Though many users will backup their iPod before iOS 7 update, there still be problems on restoring iPod after iOS 7 update.

iPod Lost Data after iOS 7 Update!

Here is a true case from an iPod user: “iOS 7 update erased all my iPod Touch 5 photos. I synced my iPod with iTunes before operating the IOS 7 updating. But now the problem is when restoring my iPod from the backup created in iTunes, iTunes asking for password repeatedly to unlock the iTunes backup. I bet I never set such an encryption for my backup. I follow the normal steps to sync my iPod, and do nothing else. The photos are really important for me, and I don’t want to lose them. Who guys can help me find my iPod backup password to restore my photos? Or is there a default password for iTunes backup? Any advice is appreciated!”

As is reported, not a little amount iPod/iPad/iPhone users lost data such as contacts, photos, messages during IOS 7 update. So many users need to restore iPod after the iOS 7 update. Here is a detailed guide to restore iPod after iOS update.

Now I will discuss another problem. When your iPod backup is locked, how can you restore iPod from the backup? That’s easy, find the password, everything will be fixed!

How to Unlock iPod Backup Password to Restore Data from Backup?

It is troublesome that thought having an iTunes backup, you still can’t restore iPod from backup because of the password. Now I will give you a solution to solve the problem. Use iPod backup password unlocker to find iTunes backup password. It is easy though seems hi-tech and complex.

Simple guide to unlock forgotten iPod backup password is as follows:

1: After free download the iPod backup unlocker, install it on your computer and run it. Then it will import your encrypted iTunes backup automatically in general. If it failed to import automatically, you need to import manually.

Note: iTunes backup location varies from different operating system.

Here is a table shows the specific information。

where is iTunes backup located

iTunes backup location

2: Choose a proper attack strategy from the given three types: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. And deploy the corresponding settings accordingly.

3: Start to find the password when all is done. Several minutes later, iPod backup password will display on the File Opening Password Box.

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