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How to Recover iPod Touch 4/5 Photos Deleted Mistakenly

how to retrieve deleted picture ipod touch

iPod Touch Photo Recovery

Here’s my problem: My son just had to have an iPod Touch, and so he now comes to me for help with it. Recently, he accidentally deleted some iPod touch photos he was trying to move into a folder, and had not synced with iTunes yet.

But these photos are from a very special trip, and it is pretty important to get them back. I’m sure there are other CNET readers out there who have had this same problem with an iPod Touch, or iPhone, and so I am hoping to get some ideas of what has worked for them. Thanks very much for the help!

How Can You Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPod Touch 4, 5

When iPod touch photos deleted, stop using your iPod at once and don’t let it be overwritten until you perform iPod Touch photo recovery. The files saved on your iPod touch flash memory and it won’t be deleted right away though it is marked as deletion. It can be recovered as long as the space isn’t overwritten.

Part 1: Free Restore iPod Pictures from iTunes If You Have an Backup             

Normally, if you have backed up your iPhone, you won’t need to worry about losing photos. Tou can restore lost photos from iTunes. Note that if you have new photos after the last sync then the new photos cannot be restored from iTunes. That is to say, from iTunes, you can only restore the files synced to the backup.

Before you go to iTunes to restore and connect iPod to computer, you need to disable the au-to sync option in iTunes in case it syncs your empty iPod to iTunes and you have no chance to restore data from last backup.

When all is prepared, connect your iPod with computer and launch iTunes, go to Preference >Devices. You will see a list of backup files that are synced to this computer before. Choose your needed one and click “Restore from iTunes Backup”.

Part 2: Recover iPod Lost Photos Using 3rd Party Data Recovery Software

I have found some programs that claim to accomplish recovery, and the trial only identifies the files and you can preview them from the trial recovery program. As a recommendation, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery has the capability of recovering data like photos, contacts, text messages, notes, call history, calendar events and so on from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It is actually an iOS Data Recovery. It recovers files completely as long as your files are not overwritten. Operating steps are also easy like a, b, c.

1. Download the software – Tenorshare iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad Data Recovery. You can try the free trial version at first. Install and run it on your computer.

For mac:

2. Connect your iPod with computer. Then run the data recovery program. Choose the option “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

3. Scan your iPod through a communicating process.

4. Preview your files in the left of the program. Mark the ones that you want to recover, then click “Recover” button.

5. Specify a location for your recovered photos. From this location, you can view your pictures directly. Go to check it.

Note: This is the direct recovery strategy. You can also choose the other strategy (Recover Data from iTunes Backup)if you lost or broke iPod and need to extract data from iPod backup.



Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery is Released to Help iPod Users Recover Lost Data

how to recover iPod  lost data

Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery Software


iPod Data Recovery is Released – iOS 7 is Supported

After Apple officially unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, Tenorshare becomes the world’s 1st one to upgrade its products to get support for iOS 7– iPod Data Recovery. It is an all-around data recovery tool for iPod.

Tenorshare is the leading multimedia software supplier dedicated to delivering various users excellent tools in the field of iOS data recovery. iPod Data Recovery is the award-winning software for Apple device users.

Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery enables you to recover iPod pictures, videos, contacts, notes, etc. regardless of how you lost them. The professional data recovery program could help you recover iPod files both from iPod and from iPod backup. You will get deleted or lost iPod files in a quick yet easy way.

iPod Data Recovery Features:

1.  2 Recovery Modes –Recover from iPod itself and Recover from iTunes Backup

Recover from iPod requires you to connect iPod to PC and then recover data, quite convenient, especially when you do not have iPod backup.

Recover from iTunes Backup makes use of iPod backup which is SQLITEDB files that cannot be viewed without a tool. Even your iPod is not with you, you can still get back all data on iPod.

2. When Need iPod Data Recovery Software

a. Deleted important contacts, photos, SMS from iPod.
b. Lost some or all files on iPad after iOS updates or jailbreak.
c. iPod is stolen, broken, water-damaged , etc.
d. iPod shows black screen (black screen of death) or white screen.
e. Need to back up iPad photos on PC so that you can have space to take more photos.
f. iTunes deleted your iPod files when you sync iPod with iTunes…

3. Recover Hundreds of Photos, Videos, Notes and More from all iPod

No matter how many pictures, movies you want to recover, all could be done within a few taps of the mouse. You can easily recover hundreds of photos at the same time. It recovers totally 12 types of iPod files including videos, notes, voice memos. Recover data from iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod classic.

4. The Most Easy-to-Use Tool

During the recovery, Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery allows you to:
A. Preview all files by category, easy to find target files.
B. Stop or pause scanning as you like – a tool with high flexibility.
C. Press “Home” button to return to previous step, making it easy to change options.

Price Availability

iPod Data Recovery to support iOS 7 is now available for $69.95 USD,which is 505 off and the original price is  $139.95 (50% off before Jun 30th), and can be downloaded from:

Fast Guide for iPod Data Recovery

Just as described, it provides two recovery modes: Recover Data from iPod & Recover Data from iPod Backup File. Let’s learn the steps respectively.

Mode 1: Recover Data from iPod without Backup

Step 1: Connect your iPod to PC
Power off your iPod and connect it to computer before launching Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery. Then select from the main interface “Recover Data from iPod”.

Step 2: If you hold an iPod touch 4, you need to enter DFU mode. 3 steps to enter into DFU mode:
1. Press “Home” and “Power” button for 5 seconds. If iPod is already turned off, just click “Start” on the program interface.
2. Keeping holding “Home” and “Power” button for 10 seconds.
3. Release “Power” button and keep holding “Home” for 15 seconds.

Step 3: Scan for lost data on your iPod
When successfully entered DFU mode, you will see a communicating process. When the process reached 1005, the tool is scanning your iPod lost data.

Step 4: Preview and recover lost iPod data
After scan, this program allows you to preview your iPod data. The files are listed in categories. Mark your needed ones, then it’s the time to recover. Press “Recover” button.

Mode 2: Recover Data from iPod Backup

Step 1: Start to scan your iPod data by clicking “Start Scan”.
iPod Data Recovery will automatically find your iPod backups as long as you’ve backed up or synched iPod with iTunes before.

Step 2: Now we are allowed to preview all the iPod data including the lost ones. They are all displayed in categories such as photos, notes, voice memos and so on.

Step 3: Recover lost data by clicking “Recover”.
When all is done, it’s the last step to complete your iPod data recovery work. Simply press “Recover” button.
With this guide, you can know the steps to perform this iPod Data Recovery. Just have a try by yourself.